Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Νame: Rosa
Born: March 2018
Colour : Tabby
Can live with other dogs / cats / children
Litter trained, playful, affectionate, tender

Oh hey there. Have you heard of the Greek song “I’m teeny-tiny like a rose”? Well,that’s actually me !My rescuer named me Rose cause that’s pretty much what the square is called. But he could also call me a sex bomb.Since the bomb(me) exploded during a research for a suspicious object.I am the one who showed up in front of him with my tail all spiked up and I ran to his lap and exploded there like a bomb.You know the Greek song”no need for words”.He picked me up.He put me in the car and now I’m looking for a home.We’ll have a blast with my explosive presence!
My name is Rosa.