Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Dusty & Springfield

Love is blind
He is Dusty and she is Springfield and they got THE LOOK OF LOVE….

They were born in the heart of the summer but they haven’t seen the world,maybe they never will,although everything humanely possible is happening for their eyes. But we told them the world is beautiful and we will make sure it looks and feels that way too …
It’s the tender Dusty and the playful Springfield or the playful Dusty and the tender Springfield as they swap and switch up those roles constantly so that they can complete and balance each other out constantly.

They’re obviously going to remain inseparable.

They obviously mean the world to one another.

They’re obviously going to mean the world to you if you give them that chance

The twins are currently under treatment.They will be soon ready to be given with contract of adoption for in house living only, within Attica’s area only, de-wormed, vaccinated. Their new guardian will be required to spay them at the appropriate age, and cover their microchip’s cost. Contact tel. number 698 622 4268