Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Calimero
Born: 2015
Color: balck and white
Can live with other cats and dogs

Calimero The Majestic: Beautiful, powerful, or having the quality of causing great admiration and respect…he is the one year old cat who ridicules the fact that he can see only from his one eye! He laughs at any wrong stare or looks of disapproval, when something misses bodily in nature, that could essentially deprive from charm and character!
He is wise, calm, certain…that is why he has kindness and the blessing of power of diversity and the love of true affection!
He is neutered and will be given with contract of adoption for in house living oly, within Attica’s area only, de-wormed, vaccinated and with microchip. Contact mobile +30 693 663 1269.