Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

About us


Who we are: We have started out as a group of volunteers with experience, love and respect for animals and their rights in the urban environment. We are your neighbors, your colleagues, the people next door who keep our eyes and ears a little more open when it comes to taking care of stray animals.

What we are not: We are not an organization with employees; we are an organization of volunteers. We don’t have animal shelters or other designated spaces to keep or take care of animals. For us, our very own homes are the places where we are trying to deal with all the emergencies that arise.

What are our goals:

  • To inform as many people as we can and raise awareness of the benefits of neutering the stray animals in the neighborhood, which after all is the single safest, let alone respectful towards the animals, way to control their overpopulation.
  • To raise awareness about animal abuse cases, law violations and violence against animals.
  • To inform all parties concerned of the current legislation regarding animals and their rights.
  • To spread the concept of loving and caring for animals so as to encourage other people, both children and adults, to act on that basis.
  • To offer care, to the best of our abilities, to animals in need. To provide medical care, food and any required treatment, to the best of our resources, for stray animals in need.
  • Through our experience and cooperation with vets, to support other people so that they in turn can help and protect not only the stray animals in their neighborhood but even the adopted animals who already have a home as well.

How you can help:

  • By donating the cost of neutering a stray animal (Neutering of a stray female cat costs 30 euro).
  • By fostering a stray animal until a forever home is found.
  • By spending some of your time promoting informative material and putting up and sharing adoption ads on the internet and social media. Sharing is caring, and can save lives!
  • By communicating our work and activities to your friends. Informing and educating more people about animal welfare can significantly help us better coexist with stray animals in the city.
  • 100 things that you can offer to an animal welfare organization or to animal rescue volunteers.

And what is most important? What is the ideal?

To find homes and responsible families for as many stray animals as possible.

We invite you to follow us and support our activities so that we can all together help as many of the increasing numbers of stray animals in need as possible.

SCARS is a legally established animal welfare union (decision number 629/2015) operating primarily in the southern suburbs of Athens, in Attica.