Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Βοηθηστε / Support us


Do you have 1, 3, or 5 hours a week or month to spare?

be a volunteer!

Would you like to be a member of the Scars family?

Do you love animals and do you want to help stray animals in your own time and way? We are a group of volunteers with experience, love and respect for animals and their rights in the urban environment. Do you want to feel that you are not alone in your neighborhood but rather that you have friends who share what you do?

You can help in several ways:

As regards animals:

  1. Neuterings! You may cover the cost of neutering or spaying a stray animal (e.g. cost for a female cat: 30 euro).
  2. Taking animals to and from the vet’s, adoption homes or various events.
  3. Walking and socializing the animals we have that are looking for homes.

As regards our bazaars:

(The bazaars we hold every year are our main source of funds so that we can go on doing what we do, which is to give more second chances to the countless stray animals in our country)

  1. Coming up with items to sell (new or used objects, but always in good condition, clothing, footwear, hobby items or services) from friends, relatives, acquaintances or donators.
  2. If you like to cook you can offer vegan or vegetarian food, pies, sweets or beverages for our buffet.
  3. Helping us with organizing and setting up our bazaar by sorting out, pricing, displaying items and selling them.
  4. Helping us with transporting items to and from the bazaars.


(Informing more people and raising awareness can help us coexist with stray animals in the city and most of all helps with finding homes and responsible owners for as many animals possible)

  1. Putting up posters for upcoming events.
  2. Giving out information leaflets.
  3. Posting adoption ads on the internet and the social media or in the printing press.
  4. Informing people about our work. Every single one of us has something to offer!