Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

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Foster and save lives.

If you have ever fostered an animal you already know the kind of deep satisfaction felt when the animals find their forever homes, knowing that you have played a huge part in their rescue. We are looking for volunteers who can foster puppies or kittens or adult animals in need, for a specific time period.


Fostering an animal means helping save more strays.

By fostering, you prepare a four legged friend for his forever home. You teach the dog or the cat to live alongside with people who love him and to go outside (or in his sandbox accordingly); you teach him how to walk on a leash, to be social around people and other animals. When an animal lives in a home and not in a shelter, he will adjust immediately to his new forever home. We do not run shelters or special animal care and accommodation spaces for animals in need. For us, our very own home is the space in which we try to deal with emergencies. So, there are several incidences when fostering is required.

  • Our homes are too overcrowded to accept yet another emergency. The more volunteers there are, the more second chances we can give the animals that need them.
  • When a stray dog or cat is neutered, he needs to spend some days (depending on each case) in a protected environment.
  • When an animal is adopted but needs to wait for a while until his future owner has made arrangements or settled a problem.
  • When a microchipped dog is found, say, on a Friday night and we have to wait until Monday morning to find out whether he is registered so he can return to his family.

For these and more reasons, FOSTER a stray animal until he is adopted, for as long you can or wish!!!