Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Βοηθηστε / Support us


Our organization is not funded by the state or the European Union. Membership fees, sponsorships and donations made by members and friends, together with the proceeds from our bazaars are our only financial resources.

If you wish to contribute with a donation in money or in any other form, please contact us. We always make sure to put your donations to the best possible use so we can help the stray animals in our area more effectively.

More specifically, your donation will enable us to go on neutering stray animals, afford the surgeries of injured animals and meet the expenses of their medicines and treatment. Moreover, there will always be need for worming pills and ampoules as well as food and litter for the animals we foster.

Your donation will also enable us to foster and care for a greater number of stray animals, to rescue animals in danger, to launch awareness campaigns and educational programs in state and private schools so as to help children consolidate a love for animals from a young age, and multiple events across the nation to inform the public and raise awareness as regards the responsible treatment of defenseless animals.

Please note that your donations are tax deductible. For any amount of money you deposit, please e-mail us your information so we can mail you a receipt. Thank you!

IBAN: GR5302601420000900200479872