Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

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Adopt an animal only if you are sure that you can live with it for life and only if you can dedicate enough of your time to its care, without leaving it alone on a balcony or on a rooftop. Besides food and water, our pet needs a little of our time; it needs walking and petting and mostly it needs to feel a member of the family.

You must consider that by having a pet you are taking up an obligation that will last for approximately 15 years. You must  think in advance where you will be leaving it when you want to go on a trip, on summer vacations, or for a weekend to the country. You must be sure that you can afford its medical expenses, which involves not only its vaccinations but also a sudden ailment or injury.

Don’t get carried away by the cute puppy that your friend, neighbor or relative is showing you. Be mature and responsible when you stand in front of a pet shop window. It is much preferable to adopt a puppy or kitten from the Municipality strays, saving it from the streets than paying money to buy a “purebred” that will give you nothing more than a stray animal.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “every dog you save is a step closer to Paradise”.

When you decide to adopt a stray, contact us. We always have dogs and cats that have everything it takes to be members of your family. All the stray animals that are under our care are healthy, vaccinated, wormed; they have had the necessary exams and are microchipped so they can be later registered to your name. Give an abandoned animal the chance to find the family it deserves.