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10 myths about dogs

1) Dogs aren’t suited for living indoors
Dogs are human-centric so they need human company and presence. The fact that their ancestors used to hunt to survive doesn’t make them less of companions than other pets. They can live indoors with humans and no problems, as long as humans take care of them by developing a well structured and healthy relationship.

2) Dogs are not suited for apartments because they suffer.
Whether an apartment or a house, dogs can live together in harmony with humans, regardless of their size and with no suffering, as long as necessary rules for their living conditions are followed. They need to be taken out daily for walk and exercise to defuse their energy. And of course, depending on the breed, some dogs need more exercise than others.

3) The smallest the dog, the easier its handling and more home-suitable
It’s one of the greatest mistakes. Smaller animals usually have larger mobility inside the house than larger ones. In addition, they tend to have more attitude problems more often.

4) They can eat everything
They should NOT eat everything! Food that contains salt, pepper and spices can cause damage to the stomach, kidneys and heart. Bones can pierce its intestines. Grapes can cause poisoning. The only solution is special feeding with the right quality and quantity, either in dry form or cooked especially for them.

5) The roof, the balcony or the back yard are suitable places for permanent dog residence
Dogs get cold, warm and wet, just like humans. They also need a place to sleep and enough space to live, with protection and stimulating things to keep them busy. A dog that is isolated outside a house, will develop problematic behavior, like endless barking. Besides what has someone to gain by having a dog that lives apart of him? What kind of relation can he develop and how much of a companion will his dog be?

6) Dogs do not need walks
Every dog needs to get out of the house daily. Not just for toilet purposes, but also to smell, to meet other people and other dogs, socialize in general and defuse its energy. If a dog doesn’t do these things on a daily basis, the results will be highly problematic for the whole family.

7) They are guardians
No they aren’t; no one can doubt their ability to hear and smell better than humans or even feel the presence of a stranger before we do. Also no one can doubt the protection feeling they develop for the space the live in. However they can also be friends with a stranger. A juicy steak can be enough for that.

8) You can beat them up as much as you like, they don’t feel pain.
Yes they do, too much in fact. They feel pain, they feel fear and they remember. And thus they become aggressive and phobic. And their soul will remain for ever full of wounds and their attitude will not be easy to change or be controlled.

9) You need to yell at them so that they obey
No. They just didn’t learn to obey. Or they learnt that to obey means something bad, like beating or end of walk.

10) Get them a choke / prong / electric collar to get them to obey
They will obey all right. But not because they want, but because the feel pain. And that just for a while. The more they get used to the pain, the more pressure needs to be applied to get them to obey again. But the worse thing is that both the choke collar and the electric collar create serious health problems, both physical and psychological.