Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Oh, it’s not 100 after all?


We started writing this article with 100 things in mind… and while writing, they turned out to be more like 125, and they will increase further if we keep writing. Everyone can offer at least one thing. So here we go…

100 things that you can offer to an animal welfare union or to animal rescue volunteers:

1. Blankets or pet beds and pillows
2. Dog houses
3. Pet baskets
4. Crates
5. Dog parks
6. Food bowls or water buckets
7. Metal feeders for stray animals
8. Metal or plastic waterers for stray animals
9. Dry food (croquette)
10. Canned food
11. Special clinical food for dogs (such as for diabetes)
12. Special clinical food for cats
13. Dog collars
14. Cat collars
15. Leashes
16. Chewing bones
17. Food treats
18. Toy mice and ribbons
19. «Halti» or «Gentle leader» type leashes
20. Name tags
21. Tags with union’s marks
22. Pet shop discount coupons
23. Super market discount coupons
24. Antiparasitic collars
25. Deworming pills for dogs
26. Deworming pills for cats
27. First aid boxes
28. External antiparasitic ampules for dogs
29. External antiparasitic ampules for cats
30. Pet identification microchips
31. The cost of such a microchip
32. One cat neutering
33. One dog neutering
34. The cost of a neutering operation
35. Your time for dog walking
36. Your time for cats socialising
37. Your company as well as your presence
38. Help with transport to the vet
39. Human grade medicines
40. Vet medicines
41. Antibiotics
42. Common collyriums
43. Transport kennels
44. Help with animal transport
45. One vaccine or the cost of a vet visit
46. Lend us your transport kennel
47. Do you travel? You can offer pet escort services.
48. One car safety belt for dogs
49. One cover for car seats
50. Donate a coupon for car cleaning
51. Offer your car for transport
52. The training for one dog
53. Transport to or from the training area
54. Help with socialising with humans
55. Help with socialising with other dogs
56. Help with socialising with phobic pets
57. Training toys for dogs
58. CDs or DVDs about pet training
59. Books about pet training
60. Help making an advice guide
61. Provide advice to others
62. Provide advice to novice pet owners
63. Provide simple advice about living with pets
64. Help organise a training seminar with stray pets
65. Bathing of a pet prior to adoption
66. Dog shampoo, brushes etc
67. The cost of grooming
68. Help organise a grooming seminar with stray pets
69. Offer the use of your mobile phone
70. Offer the use of your photo camera
71. Offer the use of your printer
72. Offer the use of your photocopier
73. Offer the use of your video camera
74. Offer the use of your fax machine
75. Photocopy paper
76. Various types of paper and paperboard
77. Printing of posters or banners
78. Writing of announcements
79. Taking pictures of animals
80. Taking videos of animals
81. Mobile phone air time
82. Distribution of informative material via email
83. Inform your friends and relatives about pet neutering
84. Inform your friends and relatives about pet adoption
85. Contact a vet to negotiate better prices
86. Contact a trainer to negotiate better prices
87. Host adoption hyperlinks to your webpage
88. Write an animal welfare article to your local newspaper
89. List down available web pages for ad / announcements sharing
90. Promote (share) ads / announcements via Facebook
91. Promote (share) events via Facebook
92. Help to organise such promotions
93. Write an animal welfare article to a blog
94. Write an ad / announcement to a major newspaper
95. Host a pet at your home for a few days
96. Host a pet at your home for a few weeks
97. The cost for a pet hotel for a week or ten days
98. The cost for a pet hotel for a month
99. Home made cookies or treats
100. Food or sweets for an animal welfare bazaar
101. Food or sweets for an animal welfare lottery event
102. A wedding list for an animal welfare union
103. Initial / phone checking of adoption candidates
104. Checking of adoption candidates
105. Home conditions checking for adoption candidates
106. Checking of living with cats
107. Information about animals for adoption
108. Money by selling excess personal items
109. Volunteer service to the animal welfare union of your area
110. Help with fund raising or event organising
111. Prizes for a lottery event
112. Prizes for a lottery contest
113. Your time for organising local fund raising events
114. A small percent of a day’s profits of your company
115. A small percent of a day’s profits of a company of someone you know
116. Cleaning materials, brooms etc
117. Help cleaning a hosting place
118. Help cleaning a shelter
119. Your time in various minor repairs
120. Your talent in painting
121. Your talent in design
122. Webpage design, hosting, maintainance
123. Are you a lawyer? Offer your services
124. Are you an accountant? Offer your services
125. Offer a service of other sort