Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Zola
Born: May 2018
Color: Calico

“Diversity is the characteristic that makes you unique.” That is what I heard people whisper when they found me. Later on I realized they did really not whisper, I was the one who could not hear well. My head is permanently tilted in this position that makes me look in wonder. But believe me, I understand everything!
Why I cannot turn it straight and why I walk a bit strange, I do not know it. But I assure you that I do not have any issues in everyday life. They say that maybe by growing up, this peculiarity will be gone. For me it makes no difference. And the more I think about it, I really like being different! I feel special and do not tell anyone … but I think I get more caresses and better snacks than the other cats for this exact reason!
Zola was born around May 2018. She will be given for adoption to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica region, neutered or on condition to be neutered at the appropriate age. Her new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping her. Contact tel. number 6936631269