Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Νame: Yiannis
Born: April 2018
Colour : white – tabby
Can live with other dogs / cats / children
Litter trained, playful, affectionate, tender

Hello! I am Yannis, a little fellow, just four weeks old. When I was in my mother’s belly I couldn’t wait coming to this world. I really wanted to see it. When I was born and opened my eyes for the first time I was amazed by the beauty around me. Someone took me in their arms. It was warm, “It is so nice, like my mother’s touch” I thought. I talked with them so we can become friends until suddenly they put me in a box. Everything went dark; I was screaming and yelling but nothing. Suddenly, after some time, the box opens. A man took me in his arms and I though “It is warm like the other’s, but the other had a cold heart”. He took me in, he fed me, he took good care of me and he took me to a place with other kittens like me. It is very nice here, I learnt about Pax’s story and I cried, but I am happy because he found a home soon enough. What do you think, do you want to become my new friend? We will have such a good time! Yours truly xoxo, Yannis
Born approximately on April 2018, he will be given up for adoption vaccinated, under the condition of being neutered when he reaches the proper age, with an adoption contract only for living indoors, only in the area of Attica. The new owner will cover the cost of his microchip. Tel. 6936631269