Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Tom & Jerry

Name : Tom & Jerry
Birth : July 2019
Color : Ginger
Character :They are very social with other cats, dogs and children.

It’s an old story: Tom will never stop chasing Jerry, despite failing miserably for…decades…

Could it be that he is bored and wants some action or does he feel that as a cat he must always chase his brother? Or could he have other motives? He probably wants to eat all the food in the house and chasing has become a game of survival without which their existence will have no meaning!
Jerry on the other hand relies on Tom’s naive innocence and his own resourceful nature to emerge victorious in this battle of eternal opponents! Be that as it may, both of them don’t hesitate to cooperate because deep down they both love their chasing game!
So get ready for epic chasing battles to be rewarded with generous doses of laughter, nose kissing and purring from two wonderful creatures!
Our favourite cartoon characters are tremendously social with people and other animals, they love cuddling, kissing and of course playing!
They will be given for adoption together!