Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Thrassos
Gender: Male
Age: Born (aprox) 2015
Breed: Mix
Weight: 25 kilos

Thrassos, Greek lover or “kamaki”
The rules of kamaki by Greek lover Thrassos
“You are beautiful, I love you”
1 Respectable kamaki has hairs everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, not just on chest and back. Beards and mustaches are out – that’s for hipsters. No hairs everywhere, no kamaki.
2. As a rule, he targets European ladies – mostly German and Dutch.
3. Classic kamaki used to wear sandals. 2018 kamaki wears a bandana with the name of “SCARS” on it.
4. He shows you the Acropolis by night so you can together count the stars in the sky while he softly whispers in your ear “love me tender darling”.
5. When he says in impeccable English “Do you like mademoiselle the Greece?” you cannot but fall in love with him.
6. Picking up ladies at the beach is mandatory.
7. He does not beat around the bush – he cuts to the chase immediately.
8. There is no misunderstanding his intentions; they are clear from the start.
Thrassos, as a genuine Greek lover, is a male of few words but he can teach you the secrets of love. To know him is to fall in love with him. He loves people, dogs and children. He will come with you to all the hip joints on the Greek islands. If you want to share your life with a genuine Greek lover, Thrassos is here and, between you and me, he won’t be waiting for long.