Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Teresa
Born: February 2016
Colour: White-grey tabby
Can live with other cats / children / dogs Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

“Mmm, you’re a honey, worth more to me than money
Cuter to me than a rose-bud
I’ll love you forever, if you’ll be my girl
Oh, I’m gonna ask you out
That’s what I’m talkin’ about
I wanna make a date, mmm, I’d better not wait
Hey Teresa, right away
You’ve got eyes that sparkle
Hair that’s soft like an angel
I love you Teresa, Teresa, hope you’ll be my girl”

Our sparkly eyed Teresa with the soft angelic fur was hit by a speeding car in the dead of night. The driver never stopped to see what had happened; maybe these creatures are still invisible to some people. Teresa managed to crawl to the roadside. Her pride was so great that she wanted to be alone in her suffering. Luckily, this incident that tends to be an everyday occurrence in our city and unfortunately in our country was witnessed by a volunteer. Teresa, after being hit and abandoned, now felt love and affection. Doctors at first thought she would be left paralyzed. But they didn’t know that her name was Teresa. The most beautiful sonnets, poems and the sweetest melodies have been written for the Teresas of this world. Teresa is now standing on all her four legs and knows about love more than any other…Will Teresa be your girl