Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name : Snow
Age: June 2019
Gender : Male
He is very social with people and cats

We are all different and at the same time we are all the same…
Have you ever thought that we are all equal when it comes to love? Color, gender, profession, nationality, style or way of life do not matter.
Because love does not depend on any of these…
Diversity is a term that is widely used nowadays; it is a term we are all familiar with, a term used in advertising, in equality and human rights campaigns. Modern societies are teeming with diversity and we are called to live in them as fully as possible.
Diversity is all around in various forms. Diversity begins with the differences in people’s external appearance but the richness of diversity doesn’t end there.
Have you ever thought how beautiful nature is around us and how diverse are the images it offers? All this variety enriches life and makes it beautiful. This is exactly the case with diversity: it makes life uniquely beautiful.
Snow is white, he is not black. He has one blue and one brown eye. Snow is deaf and can’t hear us when we tell him “I love you Snow” but when it comes to love Snow is just like any other cat in the world and his diversity is what makes life beautiful…