Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Νame: Smilla
Born: March 2018
Colour : white – tabby
Can live with other dogs / cats / children
Litter trained, playful, affectionate, tender

Like the protagonist of “Smilla’s sense of snow”, our little Smilla is an investigator herself. She likes to know everything, she is looking at the most unlikely places to find clues and solve the mysteries that are taking place in the house, like who changed the water and where have the things she has hidden in the litter gone. Due to her size she can fit everywhere and she is determined not to leave any place unexplored. When finally she solves the mystery, she runs happily to play like the little cute but brainy kitten she is.
Smilla is approximately 2 months old and she will be given up for adoption vaccinated, under the condition of being neutered when she reaches the proper age, with an adoption contract only for living indoors, only in the area of Attica. The new owner will cover the cost of her microchip. Tel. 694 0729501