Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Sir
Born: 2012
Colour: Black / White

This is Sir. We honor him with the title for his bravery. We may not live in Britain but Sir is a noble and deserves it. He fought for years on the street to defend his kingdom. And he did not always win. In an uneven battle, he was injured in the ear. Not a big deal if you think he could have lost his life.
We found him bleeding like any hero of stories of such content. While he was in pain during his treatment, he stood with courage and courtesy. During these days he decided that he wants to retire from the active battlefield and live a peaceful life. And even he did not say that, he did everything to show us. The only thing left to remind us of his glorious past is his tilted ear, that makes him incredibly charming!
Sir was born approximately in 2012 and he is neutered. He will be given for adoption for living indoors only and in the area of Attica. His new owner will cover the cost of his microchip. Tel.: 6974010580