Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Simone
Born: April 2017
Colour: Dark Grey
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children
Litter trained, tender, affectionate, playful

Simone de Beauvoir. Do you know her? She used to be a French writer, philosopher, intellectual, activist and feminist. Her most well known work was The Second Sex, a feministic analysis of the female existence and women’s oppression. As an existentialist, Beauvoir accepts the principle that existence is before essence. As such someone is not born as a woman, but evolves into one.

A woman’s structure as a typical example of the “Other” is for Beauvoir the foundation of women’s oppression. Our own Simone is a little cat that was born in secret and was forced to grow up with her little sister and her mother under a wooden floor. Her very first lesson was how to survive as a woman in a dangerous world of oppression, in a world where she would not be allowed to play, run and be happy; until finally a lady took an interest in them and gave her the ticket for the search of a wonderful life after all.

Simone was born approximately during April 2017. She will be given for adoption with a lawful adoption contract just in the area of Attica, for living indoors only, provided she is neutered when she comes of age and after she has been digitally marked with a microchip, the cost of which would be covered by her new owners.