Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Silvio
Born: March 2018
Color: gray
Can live with other cats / children
Litter trained, very affectionate, tender

It is no coincidence that gray as a word has a negative meaning. One of the things everyone thinks when deciding to add gray on their home decor is that they fear that the end result will appear too “depressing”.
The reality, however, is a bit different. You can add gray in your house and with some small “adjustments” that we will tell you to make it more cheerful and interesting.
Silvio’s grayish color has magical capabilities. It contains all the colors of the rainbow even though it does not appear at first glance. Anyway, he will make your life colorful with his wonderful character and his purring. Silvio will be preferably be adopted within a family that owns another cat.
He was born in early March. The new owner covers the cost of the microchip. He will only to live indoors, in the Attica area, with the condition of sterilization at the age of 6 months. Tel. 697 3754965