Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Samba
Born: December 2016
Colour: Orange
Can live with other cats
Litter trained, very affectionate, playful

The long furred prince of the neighborhood who never had his own kingdom…Actually he never owned anything at all…He would just borrow some sunlight for warmth, the garbage bin for food, some carton box for bed, and a few kind words for love. If he hadn’t been a stray cat he would have been a gentle smile, if he had been food he would have been one of mom’s Sunday specialties, the ones that are full of love. God knows how he managed to store so much love inside him while living outdoors…
However, Samba wasn’t anything of the above, he was just a sick tomcat asking for help. And as they always do, he knew exactly where to ask for help, see, those magic creatures always know. And although he was extremely weak he did so with all the power of his soul and voice. So he was hospitalized, neutered and is now fostered until he finds his forever home.
Samba eats as if there is no tomorrow and will treat you as if this will be your last day together ,maybe because he has learnt that, out there, on the streets, nothing can be taken for granted, especially “tomorrow” and ”forever” .But his smiling eyes have told us that he really wants to secure his “tomorrow” with a “forever”…See, although he is a prince he never wanted his own kingdom he only wanted his own human…And now he is here, happier than ever ,gentle , patient and is waiting for you to become his “forever”…
Samba was born approximately in the end of 2016.He will be given for adoption, neutered and vaccinated, with an adoption contract, only to live indoors in the area of Attica alone. The cost of placing a microchip will be taken care of by the new guardian.