Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Sam
Born: Septembr 2017
Colour: Grey, white
Can live with other cats, Litter trained, very affectionate, playful

Sam is handsome! He was born on September 17th 2017. Generally, those who search for pure breed animals, are charmed from the “blue” colour description! Breeders try, and are very proud, and sell excessively, when such colour appears on litters. Blue!
Sam has no such breed….he has nature, which simply…was in the mood! It gave him also eyes in the colour of the silver green of oil tree leaves, and a white dip…in the whitest colour of Attica’s summer clouds! And the “rascal” knows it…that he is handsome! But he doesn’t care! Like no other animal cares on this earth!…Ok! Except Us!
Sam is tender, conscious, having “solved” all his external…assets, he will initiate you on the routing paths of the mystical happiness! Simple things! Of petting with love your cat and siply for him to adore you back! To come home and find an erect tail full of meaning waiting for you! Love in its simplesτ give and take! The best thing in his case, the extra bonus, is that he is handsome, so you will have that too!…
Our Sam will be given for adoption spayed and vaccinated, for in house living, with adoption contract only for within Attica’s area. The new owner will be charged with microchip’s cost. Contact mobile telephone no.: 693 6631269.