Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


“So naked I am shameful for memory
So blind I can see the truth
So loyal I was left alone”
(From “The Registrar” by Orestis Alexakis)

Rubio is another kitty, which, while undesired by his environment, ended up in our arms. Ηe is about 10 years old who spent all those years trying to survive. In his last battle he was rescued at the right time because he really needed help!
Blind, loyal and alone, Rubio came to us. And yet it didn’t take him long to trust us; because this is the greatness of animals: they give everything while they ask for nothing in return, not even some space in your new life so that something from the old one can fit in. That “something”, however, has feelings, a heart and a soul. We will never for a single moment make Rubio feel redundant and the home we will find for him will be worthy of such a charismatic creature. Will you help us to do that?
Rubio was born around May 2011. He adjusts very well to the environment and is very social. He will be given up for adoption to be kept exclusively indoors. The new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him.