Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Rainbow
Born: March 2018
Colour: Black

“To see the rainbow you must bear the storm”
Rainbow came from afar; now how far exactly, no one knows. We heard him call at his mom one rainy day hidden in a car engine. We were trying to get him out of the car engine for hours.
The rainbow is a symbol of his desire to live and the rain is a symbol of the obstacles he had to overcome. Without him realizing it, the car had taken him away from his mom; it was the first time he would call her for hours that she didn’t come; it was the first time he was wet and so afraid. Would he ever again find true love?
Yes, he had to face everything in that storm! The storm doesn’t come so we can cower in our shell and wait it out, but so we can steel our resolve and emerge more mature than ever and finally enjoy the rainbow, the fruit of our labour…
Rainbow didn’t give up, he shouted and cried with everything he had to make himself heard and kept on even after his life got difficult. After a lot of hours we managed to hold him in our arms. Doesn’t he deserve a second chance?
He was born around March 2018 and will be given for adoption to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica area only. The new parent will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him. Contact tel. 6936631269