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Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Pluto
Born: mid-2015
Colour: Brown / beige
Can live with other dogs, cats, children
Very playful, affectionate

Pluto is the dog of our childhood’s favourite cartoon, Mickey Mouse and Goofy’s pet. He is brilliant hound, highly curious and a friend with everyone and their friends! Our own Pluto is much like his cartoon counterpart. He was found in the mountains in the same pack with another dog and a… cat! That’s right, a cat! Pluto has learnt to get along really well with everyone including other dogs both strays and not, other alley cats, humans even totally strangers and kids.
He is a very friendly dog, he never barks if no reason, to the point that you almost can’t tell that there is a dog in the place! Even though Pluto was abandoned in the street, he is familiar with living indoors. He only goes outside for toilet, during his walks and all he asks for is some food and a warm corner to lie down peacefully.
During his walk he is a highly predictable dog, he is accustomed to a lead, he is very happy with other dogs in the street and never gets into fights. Of course due to his hound descent, he particularly enjoys sniffing everything, following various smells with his nose stuck on the ground.
Pluto used to live a harsh life in the street, but he was lucky enough to come across to two SCARS volunteers who took interest in the entire pack, so now he is with us, looking for his forever home. Even though he found himself suddenly in the street, in a hostile environment under harsh conditions, despite what one would expect, he developed a very friendly and social character. So he begins his search for a family from a very privileged starting point. He needs a family that will truly love him so that he can return that love multiple times!
Our Pluto was born approximately in mid-2015 and he is located in Athens. He is quite healthy and weighs roughly 18 kilos. He has been neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. He will be given for adoption with an adoption contract for the area of Attica only and for living indoors. The new owner will cover the price of his microchip. Tel: 6937565820