Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Νame: Pino
Born: May 2019
Colour : beige brown
Can live with other cats / dogs / children
Litter trained, playful, affectionate, tender

Summer babies are said to be the strongest and most resilient as they have the “advantage” of hot weather and so some manage to survive in the inhospitable city streets. It was a day in July when we found little Pino, who seemed to have fallen from the sky into a feeding site of one of our volunteers. We will never stop wondering whether the person who dropped him there had actually seen his sores…Did he realise that a baby not quite two months old, abandoned in unknown surroundings away from his mom in the heatwave is hours, minutes and seconds away from passing or did he feel nice doing the good deed of the day?
The little guy was lucky in his misfortune as his pleading cries saved him from the worst. He was found literally at the last minute and he was cared for as little kittens should be. Now in full health, he unfolds his rare brown beige color palette and he introduces himself as Pino.
Pino is playful andl human centered. He loves people and animals and he already knows how to claim what he wants! He is now ready to claim a spot in your heart and in your home – he already has claimed our love.
Pino was born in May 2019. He will be given for adoption to live exclusively indoors in the Attica area, with an adoption contract, vaccinated and treated for parasites, on condition he be neutered at the appropriate age. His new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him.
Contact tel. number: 6973754965