Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Background: Found wandering around by the sea in Athens Greece.
Character/ Ideal home: Calm, submissive, gentle and very tender. Pela is the most loving dog of all dogs. If you don’t pay attention to her she will just sit there and wait for you to pay attention. If you call her for any reason or give her any kind of command, Pela will follow the command by lying down and expecting to cuddle. Everything she needs is to cuddle and she offers her big, therapeutic belly 24/7. She is the kindest most loving dog ever to walk on earth, 100% human centered and the perfect companion for every household, every lifestyle and every environment, as long as it involves love. A lot of LOVE.

Phone 693 2345 777

Name: Pela (Pelagia)
Gender: Female
Born: approx December 2011
Breed: Mix
Neutered: Yes