Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Pedro
Born: December 2017
Colour: White Grey Tabby
Can live with other cats / children /
Litter trained, follows people around – loves attention

Hi! My name is Pedro and I really like my name and the story behind it. I was a stray and my eyes were hurting from an infection that needed only a few eye drops and some affection to heal. The kind girls who found me in that state – though a little too late for my eyesight – and provided me with both, named me Pedro after a great person who has a lot of imagination. His name is Pedro Almodovar and he too, has the creative ability of making scripts with the eyes of his imagination, even if he is not blind. He has made 30 movies that they have no common with the everyday life as it is seen by his eyes but the everyday life as he can sense it through his senses. So this inspires me also to make scenarios according to my personal view from sensing things around me. Blindness is not necessarily debilitating. It certainly isn’t for me: being almost completely blind doesn’t stop me from running around playing, climbing up my cat tree, chasing balls or passing sweet kitty love around. Ok, I admit I also like chilling out when I get tired of carrying my great name around. And don’t worry, nothing is infectious about me, except my insatiable appetite for life and affection.