Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Pax
Born: April 2018
Color: Gray- white
Blind, Can live with other cats/children
Litter trained / playful / tender

Pax is a teeny-tiny blind tomcat that was born at the beginning of April. He came into this world in a rather extraordinary manner finding himself instantly famous in the spotlight. He was rescued by one of SCARS volunteers during one day with endless rain, where the rain didn’t come from rainy weather but from a wash tub through a balcony. For people he was unwelcome, it is tragically difficult for people to understand that blind kittens do not differ at all from the rest. So Pax was found in a yard but he was unwelcom by people who poured water on him to go away and he was going out of the yard in the middle of the road. So he entered Scars family and thanks to proper care his wonderful character shined like a diamond.
Although he was rather shy at the beginning, he immediately trusted us and he has now evolved into the ideal home kitten. He is very calm, very easy going, kind, pampered and very playful. He enjoys playing with other kittens and humans and he likes purring when lovingly touched by a human hand. Oh, by the way, we almost forgot the most important of all: Pax is so cute you’re gonna die!
He is located in Athens and he will be given for adoption for the area of Attica alone, for living indoors only. He will either be neutered upon adoption or under the condition of being neutered when he comes of age.