Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Paula
Born: June 2018
Color: orange tabby – white

The little female kitty was born on June 18th, a small orange tabby ball with white paws. They say that orange tabby cats are lovers and more playful than others, also that 80% are male and only the 20% are female!…so the little one is special! She is very playful and very social.
Winston Churchill’s cat was an orange tabby, went by the name of Jock, and it was a very sweet cat. It even attended cabinet meetings at wartime….what else do you want?
She will be given for adoption for in house living, within Attica’s area only. She will be given spayed or will be spayed at the appropriate age, the microchip will burden the new owner. Contact mobile +30 694 523 9812.