Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Paul
Born: September 2017
Colour: gray tigerish
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children Litter trained, tender, very affectionate, playful

Paul is a magnificent little orange tiger, so soft and so fluffy that he becomes a sweet and easy to shape mass in your hands! He is so sweet and purring that he simply melts at the touch of a human hand. He is also a highly adaptable kitten that loves playing and spending his time purring with his human. Paul is a kitten that came unexpectedly to us with his siblings. As such, for now he spends his time with them under the same roof, learning how to become even more sweet and playful, so that when he finds his forever home, he will be ready to offer all his love! It goes without saying that he is very social and gets along very well with other kittens and he loves playing very much. He is the ideal home kitten. A kitten that promises endless love for an entire life. Who will be the lucky person to make him their forever companion? He is completely healthy, he was born approximately in September 2017 and he is located in Athens. He will be given for adoption in the area of Attica and for living indoors only, under the condition of being neutered when he comes of age. The new owner will cover the price of his microchip. Tel: 693631269