Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name : Pan
Age : April 19
Can live with other cats and dogs

Peter Pan is a care-free,social, loving and insanely naughty cat that refuses to grow up. He lives his eternal childhood years on a small isolated island called Neverland.
Forgotten there, he seeks and demands caresses,cuddles, kisses and lots and lots of food on a daily basis whether it’s a delicious paté or innocent birds flying in the air.
He’s a cute little giant who weighs 9 kilos but his behavior matches that of a two-month-old kitty.He goes on and on playing all the time and at the same time he eats over and over again and wants tons and tons of caresses,lots of caresses.He wants to be the king of your heart and your home. We aren’t talking about an indifferent cat, instead we’re talking about the cat that’s going to become the leader of your house.
Peter Pan in general conveys the symbol of joy,eternal youth and not having a single care in the world. In a “psychological reading” of his personality, Peter Pan is the man who hasn’t found a point of balance and is trapped between the man he doesn’t want to become and the child he can’t continue to be because he is growing up.
So, are you down for a big furry tomcat roaming your home, going between your legs and constantly asking for food and attention? Do you want a cat that’s tender and playful at the same time?So,if you fulfill all of those requirements,he’ll decide to see you in person and make up his mind on whether he wants to be with you or not !
Don’t forget that he’s neutered,healthy, vaccinated and only a year and a half old ! Δείτε λιγότερα