Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Pampers
Born: September 2017
Colour: Orange tabby
Can live with other cats / children
Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

There are many kittens in the world, but only one kitten wearing Pampers! Pampers is an adorable tiny kitten, who is here to steal your hearts! She has the power to sweeten the world around her with her look, her delicate moves and her mannerism! She makes you feel like you are eating a sweet pie! She likes to chill by her human in a state of nirvana, unless you wiggle one of her toys in front of her and then she suddenly starts acting like a clown, playing with her toy mouse. She is very cuddly and loves to be petted, but she knows how to repay it by kneading and purring. Her tail is cut off and the reason we call her pampers is because she suffers from urinary incontinence while she sleeps, due to having been hit by a car. She is so nice and sweet though; and we cannot accept that she will not be given a second chance! Her kindness and her look are mesmerizing and make you want to keep her forever although you might have 10 more cats at home and you cannot afford to have more. Pampers is looking for a human who will love her and take good care of her, providing her the future she deserves.
Pampers is a young cat and she has been vaccinated. She will be given for adoption for living indoors only and for the area of Attica alone, to be neutered when she reaches the right age. Her new owner will cover the price of her microchip.
Tel.: 6948523063