Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Nugget
Born: March 2019
Color: Ginger

This little tomcat is a special case. When a kitten is particularly tender, we usually say that they are like dough that you can form in any shape you like. This little kitten however takes this reality to a whole new level. You can’t just form him in any way you like, you can even twist him like a golden bow knot! So because of his colour we named him Nugget!
Nugget is one teeny tiny slop who loves purring on his human more than anything else, and leave himself for him to twist him like a bow knot, a tie knot or even… a pa-pillion tie!
Unfortunately Νugget’ s life was not always carefree and unconcerned. He didn’t always have a place to stay and a human to take him to the vet when he was sick. So while he was still a young kitten an infection deprived him of one eye, though at least his other was saved in time with proper treatment, after he was found. He also has the tendency
due to a neurological issue where his head is tilted in one side. This difference adds sugar in his sweetness!

This however doesn’t affect him with his everyday routine, nor his behaviour and neither his quality of life. After all, he lives in the same space with many other cats and kittens and he has proven to be particularly social and quite playful!
Nugget is now searching for his forever home so that he may tie and untie knots of all sorts and types! Help him find his home and remember: any kitten can turn himself into a piece of dough, however only Nugget can turn himself into a piece of thread for knitting!
He will be given with contract of adoption for in house living only, within Attica’s area only, de-wormed, vaccinated. Her new guardian will be required to neuter him, at the appropriate age, and cover his microchip’s cost. Contact tel. number +306988984135