Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Muppet
Born: August 2017
Colour: Τabby
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children
Litter trained, tender, affectionate, playful


It’s the Muppet Show with our Very Special Guest Star… Miss Muppet
It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights

It’s time to meet the Miss Muppet
on the Muppet Show tonight.
It’s time to put on makeup
It’s time to dress up right

It’s time to raise the curtain
on the Muppet Show tonight.
Why do we always come here
I guess we’ll never know

It’s like a kind of torture
To have to watch the show
And now let’s get things started
Why don’t you get things started
It’s time to get things started On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational bio for Miss Muppet!

This is what we call the Muppet Show!

As you no doubt figured out by now, Muppet is our sweet loony star who looks like characters from Muppet Show, which is precisely why we named her Miss Muppet! She is the joy of adoption, so happy, playful, funny, beautiful tigress! Her eyes have been saved and are 50% functional, which however is more than enough for her to act comically just like a Muppet Show character!

Sometimes she sets up a real show with the way she plays and the way she looks at you gives the impression that you are actually watching Muppet Show! She has a crazy and vivid personality even though she is just two months old, she loves so much to play, to explore and to purr with her human! We don’t know if she will end up like weird gaffers Statler & Waldorf but even if she does, she will always be the adorable Muppet she was when she will have been adopted!

She was born in August 2017 and she is located in Athens. She will be given for adoption with an adoption contract in the area of Attica only and for living indoors only, either neutered or under the condition of being neutered when she comes of age. Her new owner will cover the cost of her microchip. Tel:
693 663 1269