Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Momo
Born: August 2018
Colour: White
Can live with other cats / children / dogs Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

Momo is white like snow, soft like cotton and sweet like sugar. When you look at him, he can give you a calm and peaceful feeling, like when you wake up and look outside the window and everything is covered in a thin layer of the first snow. When you touch him, he feels soft and familiar, like touching a ball of cotton, fluffy and warm beneath your fingers. When you play with him, he gives you an exhilarating feeling, like when you were a kid and you have just eaten your favorite dessert. In other words he is the cutest, most loving kitty you could meet! Open your heart and your home for Momo and you will see what we are talking about.
Momo was born around August 2018. He will be given for adoption to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica region, on condition that he will be neutered at the appropriate age. His new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping him. Contact tel. number 6936631269.