Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Mira, the summer fairy

We have all heard stories and fairytales about fairies. These ethereal beings have been a part of our childhood dreams and have aroused our imagination.
They can be found in most counties’ legends, while during ancient years they were worshiped and considered to be protectors of the nature and everything on her.
Fairies are real and they are all around us. We can see them as long as we broaden our perception.
Our Mira, the summer fairy is an ethereal, gorgeous beam of light and as all fairies she can help people fulfill their wishes. All you have to do is get close to her, reach out to her and touch her softly and you will feel her energy and warmth at once.
Mira is indeed a summer fairy that reveals her beneficial qualities to anyone that believes in her. She is very social with people and other animals, cuddly, playful and is looking for her forever family.
Mira was born approximately on May 2019. She will only be given within Attica, neutered, exclusively to be indoors, with an adoption contract and microchip, the cost of which will be taken care of by the new guardian. Contact phone: 6936631269