Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Mino
Born: September 2017
Colour: Gray tigerish
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children Litter trained, tender, very affectionate, playful

Mino is an extraordinary guy. He is perhaps the very definition of the eccentric feline that doesn’t fit in prefabricated norms. After all, as the name implies he is a very fabulous individual who enjoys everything weird and unusual. When other kittens play with their toys, Mino will be playing tennis with the spiders. When the dog will be begging for a treat, Mino will be passing by carrying a head of cheese on his back. And when humans will be gathered in front of their TV set, it will be Mino that will be the protagonist on the small screen! At the end of the day however, Mino may be a little over eccentric but he is always a teeny tiny innocent kitten, like a small ball made up of fur and soul. He is a sweet grey tigerish kitten that is now searching for his forever home! For now, Mino lives with his siblings at the same space so he is going through intensive training so as to become a kitten both unique and unusual. Of course all that he wants is to offer the services of his extraordinary personality to his new family that will return the favour by offering endless love and affection! He is completely healthy, he was born approximately in September 2017 and he is located in Athens. He will be given for adoption in the area of Attica and for living indoors only, under the condition of being neutered when he comes of age. The new owner will cover the price of his microchip. Tel: 693631269