Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Mia Koala

Name: Mia Koala
Born: June 2017
Colour: calico
Can live with other cats/dogs/ children
Litter trained, tender, affectionate, playful

I am Mia Κoala and yes, I am a cat with a full name.I like trees, birds, gourmet food, and humans.I had found an awesome hide on a huge tree and for quite a lot of hours I just didn’t feel like getting down as I loved staying there singing with the birds and watching people pass by, but when I started feeling hungry at some point I wasn’t able to climb down.
I started meowing as loud as I could but no one could hear me due to the city noise.Sparrow, my buddy told me that he would call for help and get this nice lady who loved all the neighboorhood cats and that she would get me down from the tree.
This lady showed up carrying a big ladder after a while and started trying to get me down.I kinda liked her face so as soon as she approached me I licked her face big time.She tasted awesome so I decided to give her a professional facial.As soon as she got me down from the tree I started following her, we crossed some streets, turned into some alleys and when she got home I started meowing and that was it, I stole her heart.
I am currently being fostered by her and I am also looking for my forever home.If you liked me, please do not hesitate to call her and ask to speak to Mia Koala.
Mia is a very social, joyful and affectionate kitty that gets along perfectly well with other cats and dogs.