Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Honey is produced by the nectar that bees harvest from flowers and the honey- like secretions of forest plants. Its value was well known already from the ancient times. For ancient Greeks, honey was meant for consumption but also for offers to the gods to secure divine favor.” Our honey-colored Meli was born to love everything; the air, the birds, the trees, the flowers, the cats, the kids, the toys, the dogs but mostly the people. She is the ideal companion! How will she benefit you? Research has shown that daily contact with Meli rises energy levels, fights depression and secures longevity and unlimited smiling! The results indicate that our Meli is one of the best pets in the world! She was born on July 2016. She will be given up for adoption on condition that she be neutered at an appropriate age. The cost of microchipping her will be covered by her new guardian.

Phone 6936631269
Name: Meli
Gender: Female
Age: July 2016