Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Maximus
Born: November 2017
Colour: White / orange
Can live with other cats / dogs
Litter trained, very affectionate, playful

In Latin , Maximus means the greatest ,the most significant…
Once upon a time there was a chickpea cat, tiny like the palm of a child . His parents announced to him that the next morning they were all going to take a trip to the countryside, nearby the sea .
Our little chickpea was so happy he would finally actually see the world ,because until then he had grown up in an old deserted house along with his parents and his siblings. Since he was the youngest, he couldn’t climb on the windows of the house to see what was actually going on outside . So ,in hearing about the excursion he felt extremely happy that he could finally see what the world really stands for . In the morning ,everyone was ready and after having their milk from their mum ,they started their magical trip . It was incredible that he could see all these big cars that his mum had told him to look out for .As soon as they heard them they all hid anywhere and everywhere they could find. It was a great game for him .Also, as soon as they faced the ” Humans” they ran away from them because their dad had told them a lot of stories about bad people ,only in extremely rare occasions, he used to say, could you find someone who would love you ,only if you’re someone really important…
Pretty much halfway through the trip, it started raining, mum called all the children so that they’d gather up and hide somewhere all together …
Maximus, however, was too absorbed by the rain to hear his mum calling him and he happily wandered around ,wet ,in the streets ,until he suddenly realised he had lost sight of them.
He started yelling, and yelling and yelling and then crying but to no avail. Nobody was anywhere to be found .
Our little chickpea had to be strong and all grown up and actually face life …
Then he heard a funny voice ,somewhere ,from afar . It was these dangerous creatures dad had spoken of, the “Humans” . He was too scared to close in immediately and he moved hesitantly ,then he saw them calling him . He didn’t know what to do ,so he decided to move closer to them and he suddenly felt himself being caressed and smelled something delicious . In this magical moment, everything changed for little Maximus…
Do you want to grant him the best ending to his fairytale ?
Maximus was born in November 2017 and he is located in Athens. He will be given for adoption in the area of Attica only, after he has been neutered or under the condition of being neutered when he comes of age. The new owner will cover the expense of his microchip. Tel: 6936631269