Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Lykke
Born: June 2018
Color: tabby-white

Diversity is an integral part of everyday life and as members of society we should prepare our children for a life in an environment dominated by diverseness, with a sense of respect and social justice.
Prejudice regarding sex, ethnicity, disability or social class obstructs harmonious social interactions.
Respecting diversity means accepting freedom of the individual, namely the right to an individual self.
Acceptance is one of the three essential pillars of love. When we are not accepted in our totality, when we do not accept the others as they really are, then we cannot talk about love. Love means being able to encapsulate foreign experience inside our own, filled with compassion and understanding”
Lykke is different; she has no eyes, she is not black or grey. Her truth is her beauty. Her beauty is happiness.
Her beauty is in our hearts and its shine is enough to light up the world around us.
Lykke was born approximately on June 2018, she will be given up for adoption vaccinated, under the condition of being neutered when she reaches the proper age, with an adoption contract only for living indoors, only in the area of Attica. The new owner will cover the cost of her microchip. Tel. 6936631269