Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Luna
Born: August 2016
Colour: Black & white
Can live with other cats / children
Litter trained, very affectionate, tender, playful

Luna is a name from Roman mythology and means ‘moon’ in Latin. She was the goddess of the Moon (her Greek counterpart was Selene and later Artemis)….
Luna, like a modern Amazon, has a particularity, she doesn’t miss a breast to facilitate her ability to archery, but a part of one of her back legs, as a sign of amazing bravery and wish for life, and also a proof of a bodily strong animal, since she managed to survive even being a stray…She is so tender that didn’t even abandoned her kitten that didn’t survived…
Luna has the colours of a full moon’s night…the night’s black and the striking moon’s white…she was born in August 2016.
She is tender, amazingly sociable, very friendly with people and other cats, she doesn’t have in any case to prove anything any more…she is a small fighter!
The fact she has a leg missing, like in any four legged animal, does not affect at all her behavior, her care, it does not bother her! In the contrary for whomever decides to open first his/her heart and then their home, will enjoy a double benefit because will have a sweet soul as companion, and a constant reminder during difficulties that : life is won with bravery…
Our Luna will be given for adoption spayed and vaccinated, for in house living, within Attica’s area. The new owner will be charged with microchip’s cost. Contact mobile telephone no.: 694 523 9812.