Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Lulu
Born: March 2018
Color: Tabby gray

Hello everyone! I’m Lulu. A girl who loves fashion. There is a famous international brand of clothes with my name people told me. I asked if it was providing quality clothes. They said yes. I asked if it had a good name. They said yes. And so I accepted to get this name.
As you can see I dress up with tabby pattern which is my favorite. I see cats around me and I think … “white” very classic, black “very mournful” orange “very summerish”. I’m not telling them so they won’t be hurt but my own fur is the best! If you are a fashion lover you can come and meet me.
Lulu was born in the end of March and she will be given within Attica only to live indoors under the conditions that she will be neutered at the appropriate age. The new parent is responsible for the cost of the microchip. Tel 6936631269