Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Νame: Lucy
Age: May 2018
Color Black

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the posters of the French cabarets enrich men’s fantasies with colorful images of female dancers and singers.Toulouse Lautrec’s marvellous posters for Moulin Rouge have already set the standard.
In the 1930’s men’s desires are illustrated in the happy colours of the notorious “pin up girls”. This is how these sweet playful girls are called, which get immediatelly “pinned” by men on all sorts of private spots. They look like the girls next door yet they are so feminine!
Our own pin up girl, Lucy, is posing gracefully with her head tilted, and is smiling naughtily exuding naivete and sensuality at the same time. She has the perfect figure and an affected innocence that gets accentuated by elegant features (small nose, big eyes, thick whiskers and thin lips).
Lucy is waiting for you to adopt her, as long as you have a camera so she can be your favourite model! She is approximately a year old and will be given for adoption neutered vaccinated and with an adoption contract to live exclusively indoors within Attica. The new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping her.
Contact telephone no 6948523063