Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Louie
Born: May 2017
Colour: Black / White
Can live with other cats/ dogs/ children
Litter trained, tender, affectionate, playful

I am Louie, the white duck of your heart! White duck did I say? Gosh, I meant kitten, actually! Oh, well, here we go again! I am Louie, the kitten of your heart! I have a quite famous uncle, Donald Cat who says that I am now in the right age to go my own way.
Playing games with my brothers and my friends are a priority for me and that’s what I would like to continue doing at the family that will love and adopt me.
I am a little cross-eyed, but that as my uncle points out, is part of my charm. With this glance of mine I fascinate everyone and they grant me whatever desire I have. This is my tactic to gain treats: A deep, intense look, combined with a high urgency meowing. Works every time! Would like me to try it?
Louie was born approximately in May 2017 and he is neutered. He will be given for adoption for living indoors only and for the area of Attica alone. His new owner will cover the cost of his microchip. Tel.: 6936631269