Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Hello guys,this is Leto…Leto,this is the guys.
Leto is a beautiful teenage boy who will turn a year old pretty soon. This Leto isn’t from Argentina but Athens instead. He doesn’t wear a green shirt but a cinnamon white one instead.
He may not score goals but he’ll score in your heart.
He may not be the known football player but he can be transferred to your house. If you have a dog he will be their best friend. If you have other cats he will be their childhood joy. You may notice him looking at you a certain way (that would be with his one eye,he’d already lost his other one as a kitten) but he’ll be your cat-dog best friend soon enough. Leto loves playing,his treats,his name and he will follow you everyone around the house if you call his name. Leto knows that the person waiting for him is out there somewhere ; you.

He will be given away with an adoption contract,neutered,dewormed and vaccinated. Exclusively to be indoors and only within Attica. The new guardian will take over the cost of a microchip
Contact number:694 8523063