Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Leo
Born: February 2018
Color: Orange Tabby
Can live with other cats
Litter trained, very affectionate, playful

Hi! I am Leo and I am a big lion! For some reason the other animals are not afraid of me, on the contrary they love me and want to play with me the whole time. It seems that I am the most popular and that is why I became the king of the jungle. Everyday I practice my duties by playing, rolling and climbing and as soon as I see a human, I run off to greet them. I am not scared of the humans’ size, so I climb on them and intimidate them with my purring. It seems to work, as they obey me and cannot let me go. One day I want to have my own palace with my own humans and…well, keep being a king!
Leo is approximately 2 months old and he will be given up for adoption vaccinated, under the condition of being neutered when he reaches the proper age, with an adoption contract only for living indoors, only in the area of Attica. The new owner will cover the cost of his microchip. Tel. 693 663 1269