Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Kylo
Born: April 2018
Colour: Tabby- White

Once upon a time, there was an eagle’s egg that a violent gust of wind blew off the nest up high on the rock straight into a hen house below. The hens saw it and, as expected, they hatched that along with their own eggs. When at some point the egg broke open and a baby eagle emerged, the hens embraced it like one of their own. And of course they raised it like a chicken. So the little eagle was growing up thinking it was a chicken. Only that…every time he saw an eagle flying over the hen house it thought out loud: “ah, how I wish I could fly this high, like these birds. How I would like to be an eagle!” And of course the hens scolded it saying : “stop dreaming of the impossible, young fellow. You are a chicken and chickens don’t fly.” And this was going on every day, for weeks, months, for whole years; with the little eagle growing up feeling the call from above and the hens always scolding him. And the little eagle never really dared to react; to risk, to try following its instincts, its potential, its nature…Until it got weary as the years went by and it stopped dreaming. It got convinced in the end that it was a chicken and that all it dreamed of all these years was indeed foolish, unattainable fancy…And the little eagle got old without ever flying….and it eventually died in the hen house. Like a chicken.
Kylo never let anyone tell him he can’t fly! He spread his wings and is looking for his forever home.