Second Chance Animal Rescue Society


Name: Kismet
Born: December 2017
Color: grey tabby

“Your fate is your character” is one of Heraclitus’s famous observations.
This quote alone indicates exactly just what you need to do to change your life and consequently your fate. It is proof that you have to better yourself so you can finally alter your fate or to accept life’s difficulties; because if you do that, you will definitely be wiser.
There are several words across languages for fate, such as karma or kismet. The word karma in Sanskrit means action. This implies that whatever you have done or are doing creates your next future moment. But your thoughts create your next moment too, so if you want to change your fate it is important that you change your thoughts as well. Of course fate can potentially be changed to the extent you realize your mistakes.
Kismet was found when volunteers went on a TNR mission. She was hiding in an abandoned house and when we called her on, we realized she was three legged. No one in the neighborhood knows how she lost her leg, no one knows the depth of the pain she felt. The only thing we learned was that a few months ago she was pregnant: a pregnant three legged cat that lived in the streets.
How did she live? She crossed the streets dragging her body along, because she couldn’t lift her own weight. She could not avoid being raped by the males, since she couldn’t run. She could not protect her young that is why they died as we found out days later. HOW MUCH strength must she have been carrying inside her since she managed to survive in the streets?
The construction of character is a social process, shaped by our experiences. What Kismet experienced must have been rough. Her life so far was a life without dignity so we had to give her the second chance she deserves. Despite the difficulties of her life she is a wonderful creature, full of love. Open up your hearts to animals with special needs!
Born around December 2017. She will be given for adoption, neutered, to live exclusively indoors, in the Attica region. Her new guardian will be required to cover the cost of microchipping her. Contact tel. number 694 852 3063.